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Take part in our research

What are the aims of the research?

Our aim is to understand the cognitive, developmental and biological basis of synaesthesia, and what this might tell us more about ordinary perception, thinking, memory and language.

What is involved in taking part?

There are 2 types of study:

Questionnaire: click here to take part

This is a general questionnaire to describe any synaesthetic sensations you might have.

On-line studies: click here.

These are studies that allow you to describe your synaesthetic sensations in more detail.

Data protection

Your personal details (eg name, contact details) are protected by the Data Protection Act (1998) and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our research group, unless you first give written permission. This research group is run by Dr Julia Simner, and includes collaborators led by Dr Jamie Ward, University of Sussex. In research reports and documents, we refer to your data only by initials.

How long will it take, and can I drop out?

You are entitled to drop out at any point, with no explanation required.

The questionnaire takes approximately 5 to 20 minutes, from person to person. Sometimes we contact you a second time, for example if we need clarification about something you've written. The on-line studies take 10-45 minutes, and we hope you might find them interesting.

If you have any further questions, please contact us: j.simner AT

To complete the questionnaire click here.

To do the on-line studies click here.







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