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Psychology Department

The University of Edinburgh



Principle Investigator

Dr Julia Simner
Reader & Head of Syneasthesia Research


Current Students/Lab Members


Duncan Carmichael (PhD student: Synaesthesia and co-morbidities)

Jennifer Mankin (PhD & MSc student: Psycholinguistics of synaesthesia

Alan Neilsen (PhD student: Sound symbolism)

Hannah Deen (Honours student: Neuroscience of synaesthesia)

Shyla Hossain (Honours student: Synaesthesia and personality)

Emma Juster (Honours student: Developing synaesthesia)

Topaz Pauls (Honours student: Psycholinguistics of synaesthesia)

Henry Ruffell (Honours student: Personality and perception)

Previous Students/Lab Members

Stephanie Amalfie (RA: Issues in synaesthesia)

Athina Antonopolou (MSc student: Are vowels like music? Evidence from synaesthesia)

Angela Bain (MSc student: Childhood synaesthesia)

Katie Bankieris (MSc student: Sound symbolism & synaesthesia)

Sarah Bates (Honours student: Shape-taste multimodality)

Sophie Cassell (RA: Issues in synaesthesia)

I-Hsin Chou (MSc student: Embodiment in bilinguals)

Georgie Cooper (Honours student: Visuo-spatial synaesthesia)

Harriet Creed (Honours student: Childhood synaesthesia)

Christine Cuskley (PhD & MSc student: Cross-modality in language evolution)

Tristan Endsley (MSc student: Conceptualising distance)

Louise Foulkes (Honours student: Childhood synaesthesia)

Oliver Gärtner (MSc student: Personality-based synaesthesias)

Kara Gibson (Honours student: Synaesthesia & Hemianopia)

Louise Glover (Honours student & RA: Non-dominant Vowels in Word-colour Synaesthesia)

Charmian Griffin (Honours student: Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia)

Jennifer Harrold (Honours student: Childhood synaesthesia)

Andrew Havlik (MSc student: Synaesthesia and spatial processing)

Emma Holenstein (Honours student: Personification synaesthesia)

Lorelei Howard (Honours student: Implicit grapheme-colour associations)

Wan-yu Hung (PhD & MSc student: Synaesthesia in Chinese)

Collette Kay (MSc student: Synaesthesia and mood)

Rebecca Kemp (Honours student: Childhood multimodality)

Hoa Li (MSc student: Language and perception)

Seonaid Linn (Honours student: Tickertape synaesthesia)

Mohammad Lone (RA: Shape-taste multimodality)

Vera Ludwig (MSc student: Touch-colour synaesthesia)

Neil Mayo (Programmer: Synaesthesia & Savantism)

Louise Monro (Honours student: Childhood synaesthesia)

Alice Mowat (Honours student: Lexical Stress in Word-colour Synaesthesia)

Jonathan Mowat (Honours student: Synaesthesia & Hemianopia)

Marie Rehme (RA: Connectivity in personification synaesthesia)

Kaitlin Reinert (RA: Issues in synaesthesia)

Sean Roberts (MSc student & RA: Processing colour words)

Amy Shields (Honours student: Childhood multimodality)

C. Ben Simmons (Honours student: Visuo-spatial synaesthesia)

Kate Svoboda (MSc student: Multimodality in language evolution)

Raka Tavashmi (RA: Issues in synaesthesia)

Jacqueline Thompson (RA: Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia)

Dimitrios Triantafyllou (MSc student: Embodiment)

Sophie Trice (Honours student: Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia)

Nina Vujovic (MSc student: Synaesthesia & binding)

Becky Wood (Honours student: Shape-taste multimodality)


Christine Cuskley ISC-CNR at La Sapienza University

Sean A. Day Dept. of English and Journalism; Trident Technical College

Patricia Lynne Duffy United Nations Language and Communications Programme

Peter Hancock Psychology, School of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling

Edward M. Hubbard Dept. of Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wan-Yu Hung MIT International Design Centre, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Ashok S. Jansari School of Psychology, University of East London

Jörg Jewanski Dept. Musikhochschule, University of Münster

Clare Jonas School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St. Andrews

Simon Kirby Dept. of Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh

Stephen Lawrie Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

Andrew McIntosh Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh

Mark C. Price Psychology Faculty, University of Bergen

Marie Rehme Hannover Medical School

Noam Sagiv Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging, Brunel University

Richard Shillcock School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Kenny Smith Dept. of Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh

Mary Jane Spiller School of Psychology, University of East London

Jamie Ward School of Psychology, University of Sussex

Markus Zedler Hannover Medical School

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